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Maximize your business value by adopting end-to-end cloud solutions. With scalable computing resources at focus, we help you migrate resource-intensive processes, bringing better business agility and achieving the flexibility your business needs.


Our Cloud Development Services

Enhance technical agility to rapidly deploy software, with Simegh

Why Simegh For Cloud Development Services?

Simegh offers a full spectrum of cloud development services that help organizations migrate and refactor their workloads and applications for better and efficient use of the cloud. Our unique cloud management strategies and industrialized solutions help firms from different domains quickly build, test, and deploy cloud apps.

Proven experience in driving the paradigm shift towards the cloud.

  • Seasoned cloud experts
  • Hassle-free cloud migrations
  • Secure cloud-native solutions
  • Future-gen, scalable solutions
  • Full-stack migration
  • Agile integration strategies

Know Our Services Better

We pick a talent pool with the right team, the right expertise, domain knowledge, and willingness to adapt and evolve to your project environment.


Fast forward your business outcomes by leveraging Simegh’s cloud native app development services. Our robust cloud engineering proficiency and variety of services helps your organization make the most of the cloud in all its forms.

App Modernization & Migration:

  • Modernize your cloud application and nullify any migration risks with Simegh’s industry-leading cloud modernization and migration services. We help you leverage the power of cloud-native containers and microservices.

Strategy and Roadmap:

  • Our certified AWS and Microsoft developers help you create the strategy that your business needs for the next big thing. We help you create multi and poly cloud strategies for your cloud application.

Cloud-native App Development:

  • Simegh’s expertise in terms of architecture patterns and best practices help you make the best use of cloud-native technologies to create, deploy, adopt and upgrade cloud-native applications.

Utilize our best-in-class cloud consulting services to give your business a competitive edge with expert cloud consultants. As a result, we help your business reduce extra costs, scale faster and increase the scalability of solutions.

Cloud Migration:

  • Get started with your cloud migration process right here with Simegh. Reduce the infrastructure complexities by employing a smooth migration process with the help of certified container experts skilled in Kubernetes and Docker implementations.

Cloud Optimization:

  • Get expert guidance to optimize your cloud ecosystem over performance, storage, security, network, compute, and IT operations. Achieve higher efficiency by assigning the right resources to your workloads and applications.

Cloud Infrastructure Management:

  • Our cloud infrastructure management services help you leverage Simegh’s industry-wide experience managing and monitoring cloud usage. We help businesses create, scale, configure and retire infrastructure as required.


Our end-to-end microservices architecture and deployment services help you remodel your application into independent and scalable microservices that allows you to offer a seamless user experience. Leverage the power of on-demand scalability.

Microservices Architecture Consulting:

  • Our microservices architecture consulting services help organizations like yours build a secure and scalable application architecture suitable to organization type, development team size, and functionality requirements.

Microservices Migration:

  • Leverage our product development experience to seamlessly migrate your application’s architecture to microservices. Devise a step-by-step implementation strategy for meticulous planning with Simegh.

Microservices Testing:

  • Leverage the latest DevOps tools and best practices to streamline your microservices testing strategy. Deploy multiple services simultaneously by building a testing pipeline.

Enjoy the automatic scalability and reduced operational costs with our serverless application development and consulting services. Forget about the backend provisioning or maintenance and focus solely on delivering an exceptional user experience to your customers.

Serverless Architecture Integration

  • Simegh’s AWS-certified cloud architects, create the serverless application architecture and integration roadmap for your application. We also help you optimize it with continuous monitoring and reporting.

BaaS Development

  • Leverage Backend-as-a-Service to create a robust foundation for your application. Automate your applications’ backend services with remote management of virtual machines and containers.

Serverless-API- Gateway

Integrate two or more external systems with your app to achieve greater results. Improve user engagement by leveraging internal APIs to function parallel with third-party APIs, tools, and libraries. Build dedicated APIs to increase the interoperability of your application along with cloud support.

Serverless API Gateway

  • Eliminate the use of unnecessary load balancers. Create intuitive Serverless APIs to work as communication layers between your Serverless logic and the rest of the application.

Integration of Cloud APIs

  • Our API development teams create dedicated APIs for the cloud, web, and mobile services. Connect various data sources and cloud APIs that deal with storage, performance, database management without compromising security.

API as a Service Development

  • Build apps with APIaaS capabilities to leverage the essence of SaaS, where users can interact with third-party APIs and also manage custom APIs by themselves.

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