Transform your cloud infrastructure with IT consulting services. A new beginning to get your IT Team right.

Strategize your IT foundation and redefine your IT infrastructure. Make your organization an agent of change and witness a significant shift with our IT consulting services.


Our IT Consulting Services

An opportunity to reimagine your IT journey

Why Simegh For IT Consulting Services?

Reinvent your technology landscape to meet changing business requirements. Simegh’s IT consulting services are designed to help you create an agile IT strategy and maximize productivity.

Give your company a competitive edge along with a transformative shift in advancements. Get expert IT consulting services to fast track your journey into the cloud. Improve productivity and maximize your return on investment today!

  • Experts in cloud infrastructure management
  • Rigorous quality assurance and testing
  • Top-notch IT - Infra Architecture
  • Transparent and delivery-oriented culture
  • Container orchestration expertise

Know Our Services Better

We pick a talent pool with the right team, the right expertise, domain knowledge, and willingness to adapt and evolve to your project environment.


Cloud Migration Consulting

Secure your transition to the cloud and accelerate your cloud migration to gain limitless opportunities.


Cloud Cost Optimization

Apply the best cost optimization strategies with Simegh, and eliminate expenditure on your cloud infrastructure.


Cloud DevOps Strategy

Enhance your system's performance and agility. Get your cloud infrastructure ready to meet the ever-changing business requirements.


Kubernetes Consultation

Set up fully-functional Kubernetes operations from setting up security protocols to application monitoring and automating deployments.


Big Data Consulting

Leverage business insights and data services like data governance, data warehouse to convert your big data into actionable business.


Data Analytics Consulting

Unlock the potential of data with our range of data analytics services. Drive critical business insights that help you your organization


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