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We help assemble and manage a team of world-class software developers to bring your vision to life. Our software development team helps you transform your business with the latest tools, resources, and most importantly, a winning culture.


Our Software Development Services

With Simegh, you’re one step closer to building your dream software product. Opt from the range of development services available and get your business the much-needed strategic edge.

Why Simegh For Software Development Services?

We are a software development company with proven experience in providing services that range from customized development to complete control on maintenance and support. Stay ahead of your competition by tapping into our technical proficiency in software development techniques.

Our experts help you build cloud-native applications that are high in software performance, flexibility, and extensibility.

  • Seasoned software developers
  • Cross-functional agile teams
  • Cloud architecture best practices
  • Professional, Scalable teams
  • Communication & Collaberation
  • Secure Production Environment

Know Our Services Better

We pick a talent pool with the right team, the right expertise, domain knowledge, and willingness to adapt and evolve to your project environment.


With more than a decade of custom software development experience under our belt, we understand your requirements better than any other company. Leverage our wide industry experience to build the customized solution your business needs.

Legacy Modernization & Migration:

  • Be it legacy, monolithic, microservices, or nanoservices; we help you re-architect and update your application architecture as per your business requirement.

Data Visualization

  • Leverage our BI expertise to track business goals and measure performance. We use custom tools, libraries, and codes to bring out the deeper insights and critical data via intuitive visuals.

Custom Application Development

  • Be it simple or complex application, get access to our experience in application consulting, development, and integration services, from configuration to synchronization.

Build a robust, scalable, and fully functional application with the right team and technology stack that aligns with your business goals. Be it Single Page Applications, Progressive Web Apps, or any complex web app, our full-stack developers provide world-class frontend and backend services.

Microservices Architecture Development

  • Create room to provide a state of independence to all features within your product. We provide microservices architecture consulting, migration, testing, support, and maintenance services.

Infrastructure Health Audit

  • Our dedicated development team audits and reduces the downtime during development or modernization via containerization and orchestration tools to transform your web app cloud-ready.

Progressive Web Application Development

  • We build PWAs that are easily installable, network independent, secure and user-engaging. Our PWA experts create rich experiences with various Sync APIs, target APIs, and more.


Create new software from scratch or scale the existing application with new solutions and value-added features. Our team follows a holistic approach that bridges the gap between the digital experience and the user’s satisfaction from requirement gathering, development, and testing to deployment.

Micro Front-end Development

  • Build resilient and robust applications with feature-rich front-end layers. Distinct areas of your applications will be taken responsibility by an independent team of experts based on the composition of your application architecture.

Component-Based Architecture Creation

  • Decompose the tightly-coupled architecture into individual functions or separate components based on logic to improve communication with high component reusability.

Software Support and Maintenance

  • Upgrade, update, or evolve your software at any time based on your requirement to improve application efficiency. Furthermore, we integrate, migrate, test, secure, and customize your software services at all QA levels.

Our tech-savvy specialists are experts in merging application design with development services that cater to B2B or B2C as per your need. Create mobile, web, and desktop apps that withstand the test of time with the opportunity to tap into our AR, VR, and IoT expertise.

SaaS Application Development

  • Build and re-architect applications for SaaS environments that run on remote cloud networks. Achieve flexibility and application scalability without having to worry about the server capacity.

Enterprise Application Development

  • Create user-centric enterprise apps that are innovative with smart integration capabilities and mobility solutions irrespective of the platform. We offer native, hybrid, and cross-platform development.


Integrate two or more external systems with your app to achieve greater results. Improve user engagement by leveraging internal APIs to function parallel with third-party APIs, tools, and libraries. Build dedicated APIs to increase the interoperability of your application along with cloud support.

API Security Testing

  • Create automated tests that verify and ensure the performance of the API and the application architecture under simulated conditions. Get access to end reports to monitor and track all API layers for possible optimizations.

Integration of Cloud APIs

  • Our API development teams create dedicated APIs for the cloud, web, and mobile services. Connect various data sources and cloud APIs that deal with storage, performance, database management without compromising security.

API as a Service Development

  • Build apps with APIaaS capabilities to leverage the essence of SaaS, where users can interact with third-party APIs and also manage custom APIs by themselves.

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